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Inkscape; another try.

The so called chevalet de marqueterie is also knowns as the marquetry donkey or marquetry horse..

The marquetry donkey is a construction in which a horizontal scrollsaw hangs. The saw hangs in a way so that it can be moved in three directions (up and down, left and right and forward and backward). The most common models have an integrated seat for the marquetarian. The object to be sawn is clamped (by footpedal) on eye level. The marqetry donkey has been developed in the 18th century. In the 19th century the original device has been improved.

Students of the Ecole de Boulle in Paris still learn marquetarian skills on this instrument. The chevalet allows very precise sawing. It is possible to cut multiple bundled packs of veneers.

There is a number of contemporary marquetearians that choose to work with the chevalet because of its precision.

Recently I am able to work on a table version of this instrument (photo will follow). That one has no integrated seat.

On the Internet one can find some adresses where you can order this instrument. The illustrated one above can be found on the website of Yannick Chastang.

You can find an instruction for a self build model (by O. Byron Morland) on the website of the Redbridge Marquetry Society

You can see the saw in action on a QuickTime movie with Patrick Edwards.

New box design.


Last week I purchased a treadle fretsaw....

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